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A Breech Birth & Shoulder Dystocia – DVD Price $30

In two 10-minute segments, this video shows the natural delivery of an 8 lb. 6 oz. baby, a frank breech presentation. This is the third child of a 34-year old mother, who needs no anesthesia or episiotomy. The second birth is unexpectedly complicated by shoulder dystocia. The 10 lb. 8 oz. baby is arrested at the shoulders. Correct management using the Gaskin Maneuver results in a quick delivery with no anesthesia, episiotomy or tear.
“What is striking about the births shown in this video, despite their classification as medically riskier, is the sureness shown by birth attendants and mother alike that birth truly works. It is so very unusual to see such calm and generally uninterfered-with mothers alike that birth truly works.” — Jane Szczepaniak, Childbirth educator

Assisting a Vaginal Breech Birth – DVD Price $40

assisting-vaginal-breech-birthLength: 60 MIN This video is designed as a teaching aid for midwives, physicians, nurses, childbirth educators, paramedics and parents. This program shows six different frank breech births and covers external version, contraindications to external version and vaginal breech birth, causative factors for breech presentation, pelvimetry, varieties of breech presentation, and the process of labor for the breech. One of a kind. “A beautiful and sensitive videotape that captures the powerful emotions of birth and provides exceptional instruction to all practitioners. I learned more about breech birth than I ever did in medical school or residency.” Dr. Anna Meenan, Department of Family Medicine, Rockford, Illinois

A Natural Delivery of Vertex Twins – DVD Price $35

vertex-twins-natural-deliveryThis video shows the birth of vertex twins after a labor of less than one hour. The mother was told her twins would have to be delivered by cesarean section. After thorough screening by the Farm Midwives, she was accepted for delivery by the Farm Midwifery Center. Innovative care resulted in the natural births of the babies. They weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz. and 7 lbs. 7 oz.

“Your films have made a major difference in how obstetrics is practiced in my hospital.” Jo Ellen Reynolds, CNM