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Maternal Death in the United States: A Problem Solved or a Problem Ignored?

ABSTRACT The United States has a higher ratio of maternal deaths than at least 40 other countries, even though it spends more money per capita for maternity care than any other. The lack of a comprehensive, confidential system of ascertainment of maternal death designed to record and analyze every maternal death continues to subject U.S. […]

Book Reviews

Mother and Child Were Saved: The Memoirs (1693-1740) of the Frisian Midwife

The notebook of the Frisian midwife, Vrouw Schrader, is one of the most exciting books which has come into my hands in recent years. This translation makes this important work available now to the English-speaking audience, although we’ll have to wait a few more years for the rest of Vrouw Schrader’s voluminous writings to be […]

Motherhood and Mental Health

Here’s a book I wish I could make required reading for all criminal prosecutors, lawyers, journalists and legislators in the United States. To be even more thorough, I would add the morally self-righteous, whatever their job description, to the foregoing list. The author is a professor of psychiatry at the University of Birmingham in England. […]